❄️❄️ How to make WHITE CONCRETE Countertops (GFRC) ❄️❄️

In this video, I explain how we made white concrete countertops.

Learn how we mix and make GFRC Concrete Countertops:

Make your own (GFRC) concrete countertop mix using locally purchased Cement & Sand with admixes from Buddy Rhodes. Download our concrete countertop mix recipe ($15) – http://dcva.us/themix

We like to use one bag of face coat mix from Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products because its clean, sifted and easy to spray through a hopper gun. We use locally purchased cement & sand with Buddy Rhodes admixes for the rest of the countertop. There are a few benefits to using local products:

#1 – Shipping a bunch of 50lb. bags across the country is expensive.
#2 – Bagged mixes have a much shorter shelf life than the admixes.
#3 – It’s easier to tweak the mix when you are using raw ingredients with the various Buddy Rhodes Admixes.

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