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Epoxy technology, a really advanced sort of glass-like paint used as new luxury and luxury flooring like marble or luxury ceramics Epoxy paints have a superb form, enticing colours and delightful, characterised by a hardness of epoxy paint and high strength
In addition, epoxy floors area unit cheaper for alternative sorts like marble or semi. With epoxy flooring, you get a really lovely luxury and you’ll opt for the colours of the elegant and extremely bright interlocking, Everyone, while not value or suffering, is straightforward to use everybody. because of atiny low quantity of epoxy paint, the higher floors area unit luxurious and chic.
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If you paint the epoxy on the ceramic, you need to add it, then obtain a support or a sort of paste sold-out with epoxy. to hide the holes and cracks of the ceramic, illustrate to the owner of the look that sells the epoxy oral communication that i need to color the epoxy on the ceramic, The paste used, the method of exploitation the paste to the employing a knife like another paste, then rub the dough till the ceramic is totally equal,