High Fiber Mushrooms – Pixie Stools – #MakeItMonday – No.4

These high fiber pixie stools grow inside of trees. You only have to extract them. And they’ll do wonders for the sanity of your house. Are you constantly misplacing stuff. Well odds are you have a pixie infestation. Once they colonize they’re impossible to get rid of so I suggest making peace with them. Give them a stool to sit on on your mantle and I’m sure stuff will stop going missing because they’ll be relaxing instead of wreaking havoc. You can tell they work because every few weeks you’ll need to clean up the pixie dust they leave around ’em.

But warning, if you instead decide to put them in your salad to add some fiber, they don’t taste too good.
These are some of our better sellers and attention grabbers at art markets. See one method of making a large one from the crotch of a bodark tree branch.

If you’d like a more in-depth lesson on making these mushrooms check out a video from my Dad:

Turn a Mushroom – Art Market Projects: https://youtu.be/ef8x7cXcF-A


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