Outfeed Table with No Legs // For Job Site Table Saws

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In this week’s video, I’ll show you how to make a portable out-feed table for your job site table saw. I use a Ridgid Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with a Stand, and I love it because I can easily fold it up and stow it away in the back of my workshop. I needed an outfield solution that is equally portable. To make it a bit more challenging, I also wanted to mount it onto the table saw frame, without using legs for support. I came up with two arms that fit onto my table saw for the main structure, which will allow me to front load the table top and keep it at the correct height, regardless of where I set-up my table saw.

DISCLAIMER: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to do anything that is shown in my videos. Woodworking and Metal Working are very dangerous activities and should only be performed by trained professionals.

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