Simple Sturdy Workbench for the new workshop

New shop needs new workbenches! As the first of many I decided to copy Matthias Wandel’s plans for his simple sturdy workbench.

This is a great first work bench as you need nothing but a circular saw and drill. And really this could easily be done with a hand saw too.

The bench is made from pine 2x4s and 2x8s. I attached the legs with glue and dowels for strength, but opted to just screw on the stretchers in case I ever decide to change the size.
The top is a thick solid maple door I got for free from a local university that was replacing its doors. It’s very heavy so I didn’t bother screwing it down, but will if its ever an issue.
If you can’t locate an old door, a plywood top would work fine as well. Just screw it down. I recommend gluing 2 sheets together for a more solid top. You may also want to add a middle brace between the stretchers if you go that route.

For more information check out Matthias’ video and website article.
Matthias Video –
Woodgears Post –

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Bosch Impact Driver –
Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw –
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