Vertical Wall Bed Unit with Spring Mechanism & Self-deploying Legs

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Vertical wall bed mechanism with a full steel structure, wooden slats, and an self-deploying leg. It comes with a spring mechanism and integrated locking system. This is the ideal wall bed mechanism for a daily sleeping solution.

This unit includes a system that locks the bed in the open position for increased safety. Can be used in small rooms to economize space. Legs deploy automatically when the mechanism is opened, requiring less effort. When the mechanism is closed, the legs fold themselves. The slats are made of six layers of bent, pressure-laminated birch that provide firm support. Just one SKU for all parts!

Bed frame, mechanism plates and mounting screws, pistons, automatic legs, tube (Ø16 mm with threaded pin), panel mounting plate, hardware, mattress bracket.

***The cabinet is NOT included and must be built by the customer.***

XULT39WBVT Box: 40.15″ x 36.61″ x 3.93″
Weight: 66.13 lbs

XULT54WBVT Box: 55.11″ x 32.67″ x 3.93″
Weight: 88.18 lbs

XULT60WBVT Box: 61.02″ x 81.10″ x 3.93″
Weight: 99.20 lbs
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